Erasmus+ Project Seminars: Innovation & Research at school

Erasmus+ - Project Seminars at Kungsholmens gymnasium 12th to 16th of November 2018. 
Welcome students and teachers from Arnheim, Berlin, Genova and Madrid to present and discuss “Research and Innovation at School”!
The students representing Kungsholmen are:
Gustav Forsberg NA16EB
Nour H Ahmad NA16EB
Andrea Aram NA16EC
This project is aimed at:​
  • Promoting research projects as a learning activity among students.
  • Presenting the best research or innovation projects in different European countries to increase their diffusion.
  • Providing transnational feedback and assessment to these research projects.
  • Allowing students of different countries to keep in contact so that they can share their research experience and good practices.
  • Getting our students closer to universities and research organisations to let them know the European research and innovation of the 21st century.
  • Improving the scientific and language competence of the students involved in this project.
The following schools take part in this project:​
Lorentz Lyceum Arnhem / Rivers International School, Arnhem, The Netherlands​
IES Ramiro de Maeztu, Madrid, Spain
John F. Kenedy Schule, Berlin, Germany
​IIS E. Montale Nuovo IPC, Genua, Italy
and Kungsholmes Gymnasium.
Read more about the project here: